She Uses Irish Spring (Sexy)

“I’m the prettiest girl this strange world has conceived,” she thought in the shower, “as of yet, no face more darling, no pussy more posh, has walked this concrete jungle, not for a second. But somehow I’m alone. Given my looks, how that could be, is beyond me. I can’t grasp it….Like Jose.” ‘Look but don’t touch,’ he once told me.

“He once told me the craziest rhyme. On my birthday he left a poem in my mother’s mailbox. It read,”

Olivia…when I rip innaya
Blood will fill the air like red hairspray
Your guts? On the coffee table
A dash of stomach acid
Lands in the coffee

“Olivia! Hurry up. I need to shower too!”


The day is awfully splendid for a Splenda
Fuck that! Real sugar is best
Olivia Z. Olivia Zest.
I can’t write nice, I once tried
And I fainted
I paint only insane pics
The train picks
You up in the morning
And you’re off to school
Because you, Olivia, are no fool
I’ll never forget the day
You found my wallet at Jewel
And retrieved it
Me! Your neighbor! To meet
It took that!
But now when I see you
I always react
Instead of passing by
On a bright day
With an expression so flat
Oh, Olivia! Happy Birthday, indeed
Let this be your best read!


“Isn’t he the best?” Olivia asked the water.


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