Joel’s Soliloquy

“Gee, I wonder what happened to Noel. I wasn’t actchly gunna make his ass walk off the plank. I was gunna bring his ass back soon as buddy ass reached the edge. Hmm. Hella strange, them pirates. Stanford, huh? I don’t know much about no Stanford. They football team was good last year, that’s all I know. Hmm…Stanford…What they want wit Noel? He ‘ont look like he can play no football.”

Joel faced the ocean. The Ocean Pacific. By default it faced back. “But it shore do look like any other fuckin ocean,” he reminded himself.

Hmm…Oh God,

i sailed the sea
so many days
So many Waves
I’ve witnessed flow
The Waves they come
And they only go
Whence they crash upon
My wee-bit boat
Damn you, Waves
And all your might
My name’s Joel
And I sail all night

Joel’s mind was clear. He extended his arms and felt the wind tickle his armpits. He felt good, he felt amazing, he felt like his body was wind.

No thought could penetrate. His mind was like a vase with no bottom. No stimulus poured into it could be retained. He thought nothing, but felt good. He felt good, but thought nothing. His eyes closed, his soul open. The temperature, the overcast, it trickled a little. It felt so amazing. On his skin, the wind, the droplets, the movement of the boat broke no stride. It was the ultimate ride, true.

Joel’s Mama walked onto the deck.

“Joel, shutchyo dumbass up!”


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