At The Cafe

“I had a dream, Olivia. Like that black guy. In my dream there was a ship and I was a pirate with other pirates. We went up to the ship and took a guy, kidnapped him. Took him to some room. Dark room. Some other guy was there. And he shot him. I think in my dream, the guy’s name, his name was Noel.”

Olivia yawned behind her Mac’s screen. From the reflection of a window he could see she was on her website

“What’s your favorite fantasy?” she asked.

“Damn. You’re just gonna ignore my dream?”

“It’s not that interesting. Sorry, sweety.”

“Ok. Um. I like fantasizing about being President. I enjoy looking at the ceiling and thinking about what I’d do if I were President.”

“That’s crazy!”


“That’s my favorite fantasy too!”

“Maybe you can be my VP someday,” joked Jose.

“No. You can be mine”

“No. You will be mine.”

“No. You!”

“No. You!”

“No. You!”

“No. You!”


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