“Walk the plank, prick,” said Pirate Joel to Noel the Sailor.

They were at sea. The sea was called The Pacific Ocean. Just imagine the scenery.

“You prick! You cocksucking prick! You impregnated my wife, you asshole. I was gonna do that!”

“My bad,” said Noel.

“Nevermind that. It’s time to walk the plank, prick.”

It was then, under the groggy sun, yellow, that Pirates Somalian approached in a customized wale boat. What is that? It’s a whale that has been gutted and fitted to be a boat, or a ship, if you will.

They shouted orders & obscenities.

“What are they talking about, Noel?”

“You see, these pirates are not regular pirates, Joel. These pirates are from Stanford.”

“Yes, we are Stanford pirates,” proclaimed they, “now give us Noel and we’ll be on our way.

The pirates swam away with Noel.


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