Random List Pt. 15

Running your finger thru vomit to spell out a sonnet

Eating tacos with red salsa and the waitress asks, Que pasa? (Kay pahsa)

Using a latrine that was just stunk up by Howard Dean

Going to Panda Express to play board games, and the manager says, Sorry you can’t do that here

Drunk driving, you sit your dog on your lap and let his cute little paws steer, you get pulled over and the cop’s Iike, Well whaddu we have here?

Summoning Catapult Turtle in a duel, after school, at your friend’s house…he’s kinda cool

Getting fucked with a scone, I only vaguely know what is a scone

Sipping a bannana Nesquick, you undress quick, and suck on a random woman’s blessed tit because out of it comes out strawberry Nesquick

A big booty quakes from the back as she takes dick from the back

Writing about a marsupial tigress who has two eyes but one iris


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