Too Cool For School, Folks

Step into the OCTOgon
Today’s match
Dr. Octavius vs. OCTOmom

Who gon win?
The sly fox grins
At the hen shitting eggs
I got some hairy ass legs
My dick? Even hairier. Scarier!
Her dad threw her daughter at me
And shrieked crazily: MARRY HER!!!

Damn. I was but now no
You make a declarative statement
I ask: how so
I ask a lot of questions

I saw a guy get his toe sawed off by a haunted bra
And then his fingernail clipped by a mutilated tit

It was just floating in the air all stupid
Don’t call me doofus, just call me lucid
Selena Gomez had or has lupus
Does it ever go away?
I can look it up
But I don’t have the time of day
I have a busy day
I’m a writer
That’s all I can say


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