Random List Pt. 12

Playing pool with a pool shark, in a school dark, suddenly… lights come on..night skewl starts

You fly out to Yemen, you’re a journalist, 1st day alone at night, and you get hit on the top of the head with a swirling drone strike

You’re the Foreign Relations Committee Chair and you take a bribe not to care; your foundation is now a multi-millionaire

Eating yams with Killa Kam and he tells you he does not know what is yams

A black guy tells a joke before he’s lynched and he’s so funny they let him live

Taking a shit in the sink because the toilet is beyond repair

Next sexual misconduct allegations…brought to you by the past of Stephen Colbert

Eating flan with tortillas and pan, pronounce it in Spanish so that it rhymes

Masturbating to the character Mel Gibson played in the movie Signs, orgasm so strong you bust two times

You take a bullet train to South Carolina but when you get out you realize you’re in Tokyo, a city in China


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