A True Patriot

I feel like Mitch Trubisky
When he played Tampa
Imagine a football player
Taking a shit on the flag
During the national anthem

I criticize my country
Because I love it, I really do
I bleed red

You can’t doubt my love for the nation
(You really can’t)
I am the product of playing Spyro on the PlayStation
(I really am)

Adlibs. Adlibs in poetry. This is a first
Rolling up Barney
I’m smoking purp
I try a lot of things
To see what works
I feel like a guy named Dirk
Dirk Naverk

So what else? What have I not spoken
Oops I mean written
Cold hand smokes a cigarette
Da fuck is a mitten?
Remember Thanksgiving
Nah actually don’t


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