The Rhymer Helps A Blind Man

This is gonna sound like I’m bragging but too bad

I saw a blind man on the corner
Intersection busy
He kept asking
My seeing eye dog, where is he

He felt around and touched air
Kinda looked like a mime
Touching a wall that ain’t there

I looked to see if anyone else would help him
Kuz I was feeling lazy
No one did shit
Ok I’ll help him cross the street
But then what? That’s it?

I asked him where are you going?
He said home
I said ok, I’ll take you
I led him to my car
And the whole ride he kept saying
Thank you, thank you!
It was kind of annoying
I dropped him off and his sister said,
Thank you.
She offered me 20 bucks but I had to say,
No thank you.


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