White Girl

I want to grab that ass and squeeze it
Pinch those marshmallow buns
That clit I want to lick and please it
My dick so hard, I froze it, I freeze it

White girl flavor, I savor, I love ya like a neighbor
Perhaps, a bit later, you meet me on 31st and Avers
So we can run a train. Nah! What am I insane?
I want the white girl to myself. Back off or I’ll blow your brains!

Mayne. That white girl smart, the white girl got some brains. I want to fuck em out of her.

Me give an onslaught of mouth-to-mouth to her

White girl superb.

I overheard

The white girl, purr for me sweetie

Drop it low. Make that ass do a deetie
Like I said befo’


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