Thinking On A (Cloudy) Friday Afternoon

You ever been to Devil Dawgs?

Gimme a hot dog with jalapeños bathed in hot sauce
As a cop accosts a driver with a traffic ticket
I’m like, glad that ain’t me – for now
When I went to military school we ate Chow

A DMX growl before hearing the illest verse
Breaking news: The election result in Florida has been reversed
Now the black guy is in, the white guy is out
Republicans pout and patrol the streets ready to gun down
Anyone who dares to flirt with the law known as Stand Your Ground

Now there is temporary anarchy, a blip on the radar
Everyone go grab your ARs and rebel
But the military too strong, what the hell
Can we do against tanks and drones
The government wouldn’t even have to resort to that to quell
The static on the streets
Question: If we wanted to overthrow the government violently
How would one achieve that feat?

I have some ideas…
But I’ll keep em to myself


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