Random List Pt. 9

A homeless man chugging champagne while pissing on the damn train on the shiny shoes of a sleeping business man named Lance James

The Zune making a comeback and Apple stock falling, crashing, and exploding

Listening gently to music that’s foreboding while outside California burns without your notice

Eating ravioli with a mask on and a hat that’s moldy and for dessert is a Rompope bolis

Riding a rollercoaster naked, you shit yourself as you loop around, now imagine everybody’s faces

Someone calling you tasteless but they have as much flavor as a 30 year old piece of bacon

Telling a guy, or girl, that you’re taken, knowing you’re not, because you know that makes u more hot

Eating a fucking jot in a fucking lot

Preparing for combat and all you do is step outside the way you are #AlwaysReady

Freddy Vs. Jason – did you root for Jason or did you root for Freddy?

A guy getting caught trying on his girlfriend’s leggings

Stopping at a red light and pretending not to see someone who is clearly begging

Yo I think I think one thought too many

I think each thought deserves one penny

I think I’m spending, I think I’m rich

I bought the globe just to scratch an itch


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