Rosy Sanchez

At The Funeral: Rosy Sanchez

Rosy Sanchez showed up to the funeral of Erica Prinsley
She was like, Goddamn, Erica! Tuberculation, huh? I wonder what that is?

Rosy was the only one there. No one else cared.
But what’s worse, no one else caring
Or a bunch of people pretending to care?
That, she debated
She was 84, Rosy was, and could not believe she made it
This far

In her will, Erica left Rosy her car, and Rosy made it a mini-mission
To fix it before she herself passed away
She enlisted the help of her grandson, Gray, a mechanic of many years experience

Months later, Rosy had that thing back on the road
But something went wrong with the car
Because as Gray came out of a gas station
He saw the car he just finished fixing explode



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