Shh! The Storyteller Is Here

I’m chilling muthafucker
Killing muthafuckers
The fact that you cannot
Write like Jose
Hurts your feelings muthafucker

Well I’m not sorry
Let me tell the stories
I know they’re catchy, that’s why you can’t ignore me
Isn’t it obvious?
You let the storyteller tell the stories

You just pop a squat and listen
And if you have a question raise your hand
But don’t speak without permission

I’m an old school kinda teacher, I might hit you with the ruler
Or take off my belt
And get a little crueler
But if you get on my good side?
I might pat you on the head
And you’ll become a little cooler

Anyway…I gotta get back to work, my real job
Funny how my real job is the one that doesn’t pay – yet
I went to the casino with a pocket full of money
Let’s make a little bet


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