Random List Pt. 8

Gluing a handle onto a frisbee and calling it a frying pan
Using colorful language after eating crayons
Eating frosted flakes while skinny dipping in a Gothic lake
Pulling a chair out in an abandoned warehouse near a window and you just stare out
Getting anesthetized by a perverted dentist and the last thing he says to you is, I’m demented
Wanting to update your profile picture and photographing a series of fake smiles till you find the right one
You’re at a public school and surprised to find out that you’re sitting next to Bill Nye’s son
Running from the cops and in a beehive you hide your gun – smart
A guy in a special ed classroom calling his classmate a retard
Braiding your pubic hair and you find a Dorito that you never knew was there
Upon waking up you hear the sizzling of a wick, there is a stick of dynamite on your bed, on the pillow by your head
Going to eat at a restaurant in Flint, Michigan and on the menu it says, $1.25 – Water (With Lead)
Running from a mobster with the head of a lobster and the legs of a doctor
Playing Nintendo with my homie Shintendo and later we cruise in the Benzo
I told my wife-to-be, before we kiss, let’s each take a Mento


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