More Battle Rhymes

What I write is like…the law of the land
I write in a style that’s grand
And bumping heads with me
Is like charging head-first into an iron ram

Praise me, look up to me like I’m 8 feet
Kuz indeed I am
I’m Robin Hood
Aiming at the head
Of Peter Pan

And by the way
I’m miles away
And in your face
You are a disgrace
And should stay away from writing
You can’t be igniting the same bomb I’m igniting
You don’t have the flame to spark it
You get in the kind of car I’m driving…
You’ll be so scared you’ll pull over and park it

I’m telling you, I’m unmatched
Any writer, I can lap
Even Mark Twain, his shit is crap
If you stack it up next to my work
You can’t even go berserk
So what’s your problem?
Your problem is your face
And I can solve it


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