Milk Truck Life

New job: I drive a milk truck in the 20th century

I disperse milk and on my free time I go door to door selling fine silks

I live with my Asian wife and tho I’m Puerto Rican we live an Asian life

What’s for dinner? Something, something, with a side of rice

Always rice

I live in an ok neighborhood and my neighbors are recluses

When they see me they nod or throw up the deuces – but never both

I was saving up to buy a boat but my wife got cancer and I had to use those funds to stay afloat

She wasnt working plus the medical bills

I need to chill so I start smoking weed for the first time

Then out of nowhere I start writing rhymes

When she got healthy I quit my job and now I write rhymes full-time

I told her, you take care of me now

She said, Wow. It’s like that?

It’s like that, I said, and I almost added bitch

She left me a month later and took the kids

I found a one bedroom apartment in which I can live

Now all I do is write rhymes and give no shits

But every now and then I get an urge

To get back behind the wheel of my milk truck

And get out to disperse

Man, I miss those days


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