Witness More

I’m still awake
I feel like I should bake a cake
Or make a rake
From scratch. How would one go about that?
You’re the one
I’d split my last Kit-Kat with
I used to shoot dice in the alley with the Big Mac kids
And I was there when they shot Lil Twig
Luckily he survived the shot
I should be on a TV show talking about how I survived a lot
I give it all I got, but come on! That’s an understatement
I still can’t believe it! I’m a guy in a basement
I know I’m not the first blogger
But this is one hell of a creation
When I was 13 I stabbed a guy in the tri-basin
Luckily he made it or I’d be in jail for murder
Tried as a juvenile but still, you never know
Two weeks later that same guy got shot in the toe

Lol crazy world


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