More Real Shit

When I write I’m a kite
I make my own winds and take flight
At night I ponder, I’m a thinker
I’m the healthier choice
Get drunk off my words so you don’t become a drinker

So let’s see, now what am I thinking?
I’m thinking damn either women have a nervous twitch around me
Or it’s at me they’re always winking

Peeping my aesthetics
I told a hottie down the street, spend the night with me
And I bet you won’t regret it

Politics is on my mind
What will be different based on how the country voted?
And if nothing ever changes for the better
Then what’s the point of voting?

And of course the never-ending task to promote myself
To the level of wealth
I’m talking the kind of money that’ll support you well until you die
Kuz really all I wanna do is write and get high
Is that a crime? Well to Jeff Sessions it would be
But he’s been FIRED – Aww you want a cookie?


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