Battle Rhymes

I swing the blade like lemonade
I demonstrate the men of faith
You demonize the gleam in eyes
I free the mind and heed no swine

I penetrate harder, I strike like a javelin with a Hellcat’s engine
People pay close attention to my sentence to witness what I mention
I befriend your top henchman and tell him to kill the person who sent him
Like a wenchlin I’m ongoingly relentless from the point of entrance

I analyze the economy and demolish those who say it’s good
You cannot disappear on me, I will appear at some point in your hood
I sabotage the mirage known as democracy
I fuck like an upside down jackhammer whichever girl’s on top of me

I’m chillin’ like a villain with intentions of a hero
You niggas fearful and you softer than an earlobe
So careful when you handling this real shit, it can hurt ya
You better write your will now kuz you know I’m gonna murk ya


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