Random List Pt. 4

Waking up to a crocodile in your room but it doesn’t know you’re there…problem is it’s blocking the door 😦

Living on a huge planet but only 1% of it you’ll get to explore 😦

Someone watching you eat shit disguised in a smore 😦

Going to someone’s wake, crying over the casket, and then you hear him snore 🙂

Experiencing 9/11 at the age you are now

Asking why when you should have been asking how

You have a choice, starve to death or (literally) eat a live cow

Getting an A in 3rd grade and your teacher puts a 🙂 on your test and writes WOW!

Going to a movie and you hear black people talking but you’re afraid to tell them Shut Up!

A co-worker during lunch break smiles oddly as he watches you take a sip out of a cup

Going to explore a volcano and as you reach the top it erupts

Writing your ass off as you tell everyone around you, Never give up


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