Random List Pt. 2

Nipples that squirt out acid

Running from a gunman and you accidentally hide in a spike-filled casket

Continental drift, now Central America is North America and versa vice

Taping to your balls dry ice

Waking up and realizing that you work for an airline as a pilot

Buying a used car with 0 mileage

Eating a bag of chips and the flavor advertised on the bag is Dick

Eating a puddle of shit at a 5 star restaurant, nice dish

Playing basketball at the gym, you hear a SWISH but the ball didn’t go in

Going to the confession booth in church just to confess that you have not sinned

Watching children play at a park and getting an unintentional boner

Having 400 friends on Facebook while being known as a loner

Doing porn for the first time and finding out a month later the girl you did it with tested positive for HIV

Going to McDonald’s and instead of getting the Coke you normally get, you go for the Hi-C


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