Just Some Cool Writing

I knew a Pollack named Adam that we called Polski
Anything you do or don’t do, bolsters me
Holster? Please.
I walk around with guns swinging, guns blazin’
I pointed two guns at one cop
and that was one hell of an inSINeration

This is my nation. The nation backs me
Radicalized citizens
Go on the attack for me
Give racks to me
Just to see me in fly clothes
I wave hi hoes – deep voice, mocking tone
I condone my lifestyle, encourage you to adopt it
you old fucks, I make unsafe your hospice
Bury your head so I can hit it like an ostrich
And I swing on any nigga quicker than a motherfucking moshpit
I ball on niggas
Throw my phone in the ocean
Kuz I never call on niggas
And my hoes know where to find me
The day I die I’ll be like
Pronounce it as finely
So it rhymes better
I hopped in my Lexus
And sunk into that fine leather
Bumpin’ Nas probly
AK-47 incase a nigga try to rob me
He’ll be mourned for a day then fade away
Memory of the deceased traded away for the latest craze
Welcome to 20
I told the girl at the casino
You’re gonna pass on the God gene.


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