What I Jot’s Hotter

I’m in a Chevy Millennium
A car from the future
Suture a black hole shut
Do you even know what a black hole is
Yeah Niel de Grasse Tyson explained it
And I only understand it slightly
Walk into a penitentiary and stand on a table like, ok who wants to fight me?
On some let’s-get-this-shit-over-with type shit
When I type shit my brain transmits at an unspeakable rate
Overpopulation. Too many sheep mate
If u ask me
I met my soulmate on Archer and Pulaski
By Curie Highschool
She was 15 I’m 25 but fuck it I’m down
A year later I told the cops, love has no bounds
Yo I astound hoes. And clown those. Foes to the circus
A worthless purpose
A burping hermit
A sick slob
A dick without a knob
Damn that’s some bestgore shit
I told my 15 year old soulmate show to me your orifice


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