Happy Halloween, Pussies

i’m at the crib yo
suck my dick yo
if a kid yo
knocks on my door
and asks for candy
if it’s a beautiful little girl
Ima kidnap she

fuck her like a banshee
then ask her parents if i could marry her
She was being raised by a single mom, she told me no
And I said sorry if I was scaring her
And I snickered as I turned
Usher, let it burn, just gotta let it burn
Take an electron microscope and view my sperm
The genetics are different, something is different in my DNA
I told a geneticist when I perish – study me
He became buddy buddy with me and now he covets me, my DNA
Find out what is different about my DNA
This is my plea to all geneticists
Go get a grant or something, and study my DNA
Please. Someone take a sample and go study


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