A Rare Disorder

I have an illness. It’s called…

Out of all the isms
it’s the most dangerous

I went to the doctor to complain about it
He said, there is no cure, my good sir

I’m like, you’re a useless ass doctor, you should be fired
Too late, after today I’m retired

I don’t give a fuck, doc. Just refer me to someone else
Here, he gave me a slip, it read
Someone Else

Very funny doc
My cock tingles when I’m writing
How do I stop that?
Here take a zan
I took it now I’m feeling like the man
He said, son, you’ve always been the man
I was like G-g-g-g-goddamn

I went home and wrote more
Even on the walls I wrote
Even on my skin I wrote
Everywhere you can write, I wrote

It should have an awareness month
On 4th and 50
Do you go for it
Or do you punt?


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