Nonchalantly & Raunchy

I got so many rhymes
I don’t think I’m too sane
Life is parallel to Hell
But I must maintain

– Nas


I shocked the globe like a lighting bolt descending from another galaxy onto this cold meek planet
On TV I put my lips to the screen and started sucking on the nips of Jackson Janet

I did it live. Everything I do is live I’m living
They asked me how many fucks I’m giving
Well it depends. I’m sympathetic to certain things
But how about I just say zero?
Where’s your cape? My cape?
Yeah you said you were a hero
I said the hero makes the cape, the cape doesn’t make the hero
Wow that’s deep, said the shallowest crowd

Pow goes the fist, I just couldn’t resist
When I found out
I had to do it no doubt
He told his wife I looked a lot bigger from the point of view of the ground
I passed by the candy lady Andre was talking about
And I said don’t blow me just show me your best conversation
She said, my son you are the voice of this nation
Me? I’m just a guy who lives in the basement


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