A Quick Story

I woke up in Tijuana. A bird was perched on my dick smoking marijuana. The fan was made out of cleavers and it spun fast and heavy. My balls were hanging low, that’s what happens when the balls are sweaty.

Next to me was a panda who I impregnated after a month of dating. I kissed her on the cheek and crept out on my tip toes.

I’m outside now. The sky is brown. It looks like it’s gonna rain shit. I saw a homeless man on the corner with a gun to his head calling it quits. I got on a bike and rode the air to a building’s roof. It was there I battled Murda Mook. I beat him decisively and shook his hand afterwards. It was nice of me.

Then I jumped off the roof and didn’t die. That’s how you feel when you’re really high. I went back to bed with my panda. Sigh. And I ate that ass like an apple pie.


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