I traveled to Europe and Africa via Google images. I saw everything. And it was like. I was there. I swear. It felt like I was there. When I felt the wind. And the atmosphere. I imagined being on a pier in Ghana. I went to Brazil and saw mating iguanas. It was like an orgi of them. I even went to France and spent. Francs. That’s what they call their currency. Then I flew to a concert in Afghanistan headlined by Curren$y.

Last night I went to Germany. When I googled Germany tourist attractions. In 5 minutes I eclipsed satisfaction. I then traveled to Costa Rica. Saw their people when I googled Costa Rican mamasitas. Then I googled my address on Google maps. And i visited where I’m at.

I googled galaxys. And saw their planets but not in detail. I want to venture to other galaxys in detail. But you can’t do it thru Google images. It requires an actual expedition. So now I’m thinking I should be an astronaut. Is it too late to be that? I googled how to become an astronaut. And I thought damn…10 years ago I should have decided I wanted to become an astronaut.




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