Rape Fantasy

I saw a hot babe
Walk into a house
Front door open. I thought
What if I just walked in and raped her?
I mean, I could do it. It’ll come at a price. But if I wanna pay the price I’m free to do it. And if I do it, I’ll probably end up having to kill myself. To avoid earthly punishment. Perhaps avoid it all together. But I have no gun on me. And I’d have to do some crazy shit like slit my wrist. And that I won’t do. I’d have to run away and hide out. Masturbate to the memory of the rape until I’m found out.
She walked out. And closed the trunk. Groceries in hand as she walked back up the steps.
I can imagine myself fucking her from the back while sucking menacingly on her neck.
What if she wanted it and didn’t view it as a rape. It’s all about perspective. What are the chances? Even if this is her fantasy…I can help her live it out…and what if in the end she thanked me and I walked out. Not as a rapist but as a spontaneous fantasy pleaser. If we both want it…man idk.

I’ll drive away and ponder more at home


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