Spitting Game

I approached a girl at a club
Pulled out a diploma
And it read Certified Thug
A prank. Just to break the ice funny
She said, damn you carry that into a club to help you approach women? That’s sad, Jose.
Hey! My name, you know it! But how?
It’s on the diploma silly
Oh ok. I like being called silly…it’s a playful word not insulting but also not as good as being called handsome
Why are you so like…idk. I just can’t believe you overanalyzed that
Who’s to say what the appropriate amount of analysis is?
Me. If you want me to juke on your dick. Come on, let’s go juke.
I don’t juke tho.
I do. I’ll juke on you. U just stand there.
Nah. I just…that’s not my thing
Omg! Then why are you here!
Idk. To meet women, I guess. They told me I must come to a club.
Who told you?
No one really. I just feel like I’ve been told that subconsciously by society
Well society was right. Because here you met me
I don’t like dancing either. But I’ve been told if I come to a club I must do it
Oh, for real?
Well, how about we meet up at a library?
Tomorrow, right? It’s closed now.
Yeah. Tomorrow like at 10
Oh, for real? And we can make out in a random aisle
Yeah, that’s more my style
Ok here’s my number
We went home and smiled in our slumber
The next day…well, I’ll let your mind wonder

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